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You Can Afford An RV!
All work and no play makes for pretty boring weekends and it's time to get out and see it all! RVs, or recreation vehicles, comprise a whole group of vehicles that combine transportation and living quarters.

Perfect for weekend jaunts or year-long journeys; whether you’re solo or have a family of eight; whether you’re looking for a travel trailer, 5th wheel trailer or motorhome, an RV will help you enjoy your passion for fly-fishing, hiking or simply a weekend escape with your family and friends, RVing is a wonderfully fun, surprisingly affordable way to get there more often.

It is green lights and full speed ahead as fuel prices are not expected to alter your RV fun. According to travel experts, RV travel will remain popular, because despite higher fuel prices, it remains a highly affordable vacation.
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Fueling Your Fun!

Hard to resist interest rates!
Many people are quickly discovering just how affordable buying an RV is. With lenders nationwide offering hard to resist interest rates, financing an RV is easier than ever before.

Flexible payments plans!
Loans for New RVs range anywhere from 10-15 years, with many even extending to 20 years. Likewise, down payments required are typically less than 20%, with many lenders requiring under 10%, and some just trade equity. Although somewhat uncommon, some lenders will approve certain customers and situations with zero down and 100% financing.

Lenders are making it easier to get a loan.
Lenders recognize the profile of an RVer is first and foremost that of a responsible borrower. RVers are generally mature individuals, in committed relationships, who own their own homes. Lenders are eager to make RV loans.

Your RV - 2nd Home Tax Write-Off!
Many RVs qualify to be used as a tax deduction. That's right, the interest on your loan may be deductible as second home mortgage interest. If your RV meets these simple guidelines, you can put some money back in your pocket. The RV must be used as security for the loan, must have basic sleeping accommodations, must have basic toilet accommodations, and must have basic cooking accommodations.

How do I obtain an RV loan?
Your RV dealer can orchestrate the necessary steps to set up a loan with very good terms. You also can check with your own bank or credit union to see if they offer long term RV financing.

How can I get approved and how much will my payments be?
There are many variables and we can give you a better estimate if you contact us directly. With years of experience, a wide variety of loan sources, and a commitment to serve you, we can make buying an RV fun.

Get started today!
RVing is great. It's fun, it's affordable, and with the lure of a tax write-off, it's also an irresistible way to see America with your friends or family. With lenders making financing easier, payment plans being more affordable, and possible tax benefits to boot, it's no wonder more and more people are discovering the incredible benefits of RVing.